Simon Flood wrote on Montag, 25. April 2016 00:00 in :

> Bernd Wrote in message:
>> should it be possible to install SLES12SP1 to this system:
>> Type: IBM System X 8878
>> CPU: 4x Intel Xeon 7140N (Dualcore 3,3 GHz, 16M Cache)
>> RAM: 28 GB
>> HDD: 3x 70 GB
>> RAID Controller, CD-Drive
>> Boot from DVD or USB takes an very(!) long time (more as one hour from
>> power on to 'choose keyboard').
>> I found an old DVD with openSUSE 13.1 and try to install. This runs like
>> a charme. Whats wrong with SLES12SP1?

> By "IBM System X 8878" do you mean IBM System x3950 (Type 8878)?

Yes, sorry this is _Type_ 8878

> If so, what version of BIOS does it have?

Just now I am away from the server location. But I send the info as far as

> A quick search finds instructions for installing SLES9 SP3 and
> SLES10 which ties with it being older hardware.

Yes, it seems that older versions makes no problems.

> Are you able to try booting openSUSE Leap 42.1 from USB and/or
> DVD? This release is closer to SLES12 SP1.

Have tested LEAP 42.1 meanwhile. Same behavior :-(

Maybe the support for older HW get rid of during the changes to systemd and
the new kernel architecture?