SLES10 (not sure of the SP level). I have googled this and found different ways to reset the root password but none has worked. The 2 ways i have tried is:
1)boot from SLES10 install DVD and select rescue system. Vim /etc/shadow and remove the second field after the word root::xxxx:::::::, then :wq to save and exit vim. Reboot server and at the grub prompt enter "single". The following instructions are SLES should ask me to login to rescue but in fact the prompt asks me to enter the root login (i have tried no password, just pressing enter).
2)boot on knoppix live CD and basically follow the above steps and end at the same prompt
3)boot from install DVD, rescue system and passwd; deleted root password with passwd -d root (didn't work) then tried passwd get some weird error about unknown auth mechanism

Can someone tell me how to correctly reset the root password?