i try to install a SLES11SP2 with autoyast in a vmware. I took the generated autoyast.xml file from the end of a normal installation (same vmware parameters) and put this on a webserver in the same ip segment.
I started the new machine from dvd (iso image) and on the boot prompt I used the following parameters:

hostip= netmask= autoyast=

The system was booting and started the yast in "autoyast mode", but got no ip address. I tried to ping from the other server, no response.
So I canceled the installation an started a bash from the text menu and configured the ip via ifconfig. After this, I run the installation again.

Now the autoyast.xml was loaded from the webserver and the installation finished.
Why does the booting SLES ind the vmware not take the ip from the parameter hostip?

Second problem is, that now the eth1 is available but don't get a configuration from the xml and
the configured eth0 is not found. How can i change/prevent this?

Thanks Meike