Hi !

I neighbor wanted to migrate from Windows to an enterprise supported operating system for basic tasks purposes. After considering Mac OS X, she chose SLED 11. I did the order for her, but I went into big troubles that SUSE support was unable to solve :
  • First, in France, this is not possible to buy a 3-year support licence. Only 1-year is available. I asked the SUSE support an explanation, no responsefor 5 days
  • Second, she finally accepted the 1-year support. But I was unable to select France as a country for shipping. I had to chose another country, otherwise impossible to buy the license
  • Third, I asked the Sales support to change the shipping address. Too late, it was automatically shipped. Now I need to deal with the carrier
  • Fourth : I tried to update the shipping address, but France is not yet listed. I can find Antartica, but not France

Do you have information on this ? She runs a company and need enterprise-oriented software, that's why she chose SLED.