I decided to buy Suse Enterprise Desktop with 1 year support, and ****, I regret about it. I payed right away and downloaded ISO file, but all attempts to burn an installation disc failed. The burned DVD contains no files and is not bootable (I tried 4 discs and 3 burners, I am stubborn). Checksums are NOT provided in the page with download instructions. I tried to re-load ISO - the webserver threw an error that I exceeded the 5 possible attempts to download. Why that happened, I have no idea - I tried to download only twice. Instructions for customers are ridiculous and say nothing about handling such errors. I tried to go another way: download the trial version, and use my code to validate it. The server kills my downloads (error "The connection was reset"). I use FireFox DownThemAll download manager, so from my side downloading was stable.

In summary, I payed $50 for a corrupted ISO file, lost 3 hours of my time trying to reload ISO, got stuck and mad. I will call the customer care. But I think that customer should not spend time calling and explaining his troubles because installation downloads are so badly managed.. I used openSuse and Ubuntu, and will stay with them.

Thank you, Novell. Never again. I consider it as biggest scam in software I ever bought. Download process is organized unprofessionally, I don't want to spend my time on this any more.
Maybe my experience will be useful or those who consider choosing Suse Enterprise Desktop.