Got an email forwarded to me from my boss, wanting me to check the

Well, it's a letter from the 'general manager', asking us to add
exceptions to a spam filtering box, allowing their IP addresses to send
email to us as it's being blocked due to being on the spamhaus rbl.

There's a section in there about "how their site is scanned daily" for
malware, etc, and how the emails they send are *not* spam.

A line in there says "There is no legal basis on which to block emails
from our IP addresses."

The domain is wepetitionandlobbyDOTcom, and we do have a pile of emails
from their IP addresses that hit our spam filter and get dropped due to
rbl rules.

There are also some that get blocked by surbl rules, which get checked

If they're so concerned about being on spamhaus's rbl, why don't they
do something about getting removed instead of b***hing to possible
recipients asking to be whitelisted.