Hi AJ,

> The main reason I need to perform an Online Update is because I need to update all 290 rpm packages to a later version and I can't find these specific rpm versions online [...] I believe I can only update these rpm packages thru YaST Online Update. Am I correct?

While I'd generally very much prefer to use libzypp (which operates in the background of i.e. YaST online update, as well as cmd line tools like "zypper") to perform package up-/downgrades, you actually do have access to individual patches online: Once you're logged in (single sign-on, so accessing SCC through the browser would already have you logged in) you can use https://www.suse.com/patchfinder (which currently will redirect you to a Novell patchfinder service, this is ok) and look up the RPMs. This will not, however, resolve all dependents, so you might face a situation where you have located & downloaded all 190 RPMs and get a lot of missing packages listed when trying to install

> I also checked the Base and Extensions tab of scc. I see these 29 repos for SUSE 11 SAP SP3

Typically, registering your server with SCC (or NCC) will automatically set up the required repositories for libzypp (i.e. use "zypper lr" to list all currently configured repositories... that will most likely be an empty list for you ATM) so that your server has access to the required sources for RPMs. As I can see from your earlier screen shot, the license key is activated, but no server is currently registered (which matches your problem description in the first post).

BTW, in the first message you reported that you ran suse_register, specifying a log file. Have you had a look at that file to see where the reported error stems from? With that information I might be able to dig up any individual updates required (most likely to libopenssl) so that access to the server can be successfully established.

For a start, could you please check patchfinder to update libopenssl (and prereqs) to the current level (or at least the version you see on the working server) and if that doesn't help, try to install curl-openssl1 (i.e. by updating curl-openssl1 - see https://download.novell.com/Download...Ey1lhsA7kCM~)?

I'm guessing wildly here, but there have been major updates to SSL recently, and web servers have been configured to lock out clients (i.e. your server trying to access NCC) that only support old protocol versions.