Hi guys,

I'm wanting to mount the three ISO disks of the SLES11SP3 OS onto my system, as we have a minimal installation and we need to zypper install some additional packages.

zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso1.iso disk1
zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso2.iso disk2
zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso3.iso disk3

However for the second disk, although I add it successfully, the zypper update disables the second disk because:
# zypper update
File '/media.1/media' not found on medium 'iso:///?iso=/path/to/disk/SUSE11SP3_002.iso'

Now the disk is correct -> /media.2/media is the file that exists on the other disk, as it should by this post:
so given it's the second disk, the directory should be /media.2 as the numeral is the disk number.
Here's another question on another forum also unanswered:

I think I might need to indicate to zypper to "expect" the disk as #2 but no flag in the zypper man pages seem be useful.

thanks in advance.