Hi all,
we are experiencing boot issues when adding vDisks to a SLES12 SP1 guest vm.

We have installed the template using the default disk layout with LVM on SCSI 0:0 using the VMware pvscsi SCSI-driver.

Now when we add additional vDisks (i.e. SCSI 1:0 or 2:0 disks) using pvscsi, the VM fails to boot. To me, it looks like the disk device ordering gets mixed up so the boot device is not found and the system fails into a network boot mode (that of course won't ever succeed).

The VM is configured in BIOS mode and the GRUB2 bootloader is using MBR boot.

I wonder what are the best practice for SLES12 VMware guest VM's so that the system ALWAYS boots from SCSI 0:0 being /dev/sda, no matter how many additional disks we add / change / remove.

Any ideas?

Thanks & regards,