Has anyone had success booting from USB on UEFI-enabled server? I have HP DL380 Gen9. I can image the SLES11 SP4 x86_64 iso to a DVD and it will boot and perform an install regardless of whether my server is set for Legacy BIOS or UEFI. I can run 'isohybrid' on the same iso and then 'dd' it to a USB stick and it will boot and install SLES11 SP4 as long as the server is set to Legacy BIOS. If the server is set to UEFI, it will not boot from this USB stick. With HP Gen9, this requires F11 Boot Menu during boot, then select the USB device from the list. When I try this the display just returns to the device selection. I've seen conflicting documentation regarding UEFI and USB boot. Some docs state that this is not permitted, ever. HP's latest UEFI Deployment Guide (May 2016) provides instructions for doing this with Windows media, but not Linux.