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if you're talking about the certificate you're using to run your own HTTPS server, then check the config file of your Apache server (probably /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/ssl.conf) for the "SSLCertificateFile" and "SSLCertificateKeyFile" statements - the former points to the currently used public certificate file of your server, the latter to the corresponding private key file. There's no need to "export" that key - you can simply copy the file(s) to the new server and adjust the SSL configuration there accordingly.

Typically, the certificate is bound to the DNS name of the service, as used by the client to connect to the server. But I assume that you are moving the https service from one machine to the other and will change the DNS entry (or NAT entry or whatever) to set that straight.

Hi Jens,

We have two SLES servers both running Groupwise datasync, we want to run both of them for a while so as to make sure that everything is working fine before rebuilding the older one.

So basically I copy the file to the newer server and do I have to import it in after I have edited it?

If so how do I import it?