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Hi John,

What Jens mentions is correct where Apache is concerned.

With Novell DataSync the main certificate you are after is the one used to have your devices sync with. This is held in the mobility.pem file found under /var/lib/datasync/device/.

Just copy that mobility.pem file over to the new server, restart the datasync services or mobility connector - and both servers will be running with the same certificate.

Important thing is that when devices are connecting to the old/new Mobility/DataSync server, they are doing so using the CN as specified in the certificate. Otherwise the certificate will still be seen as invalid.

Hi Willem,

I did what you suggested but that didn't seem to work as we got an 0x80072f7d error, that is why we contacted GoDaddy and they told up about exporting from old server and importing to the new one.

I will give it another go and see if it works.