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    Hi carnold6,

    so *why* didn't it start? Couldn't the DomU be created and if so, what caused that failure?

    The vmstat, if in seconds interval, isn't too bad and especially covers just about a minute of high i/o load - were iowaits back to low values after that? I'm pretty old-school, having to wait a minute 'till a machine is up looks *fast* to me
    No, the iowaits stay at high values. I just didn't post all the output because it would require 30 or more minutes of output text. That's approx. how long it takes for the VM to boot up. After the VM boots, the iowaits return to low values.

    I don't know if you would be game for this or not, but i could set you up with remote access so you can see exactly what i see. Let me know how you feel about this.

    BTW, everytime i search for xen export vm/config, i get stupid citrix results. Do you know of a link to walk me through exporting those vm correctly so i can reuse them after the disk is replaced?
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