Maybe someone can help or give me a clue,

after installing online-updates from novell via yast including the new kernel it was the SP4 stock kernel2.6.16.60-0.85.1), the server hangs just before showing the line: "RAMDISK Driver initialized". There's no message or crash, it just hangs forever.

The system runs on top of SLES11SP2 inside a KVM. When I restore this system to a VMware Workstation or natively on hardware it does boot. I played around with changing the configuration of the KVM, disabling virtio, changing amount of ram etc. But it does not boot. Even when I build a ReaR-CD from that system when running it inside a VM that ISO does not boot inside a KVM.

Is there a way to get more information why it hangs? A debug switch or something?

Thanks for help!