Is there somewhere I can download individual .src.rpm packages from? I
thought I once saw such a place but I can't recall where it was and
can't find such a thing now. I thought it might have been listed under
Mirror Credentials section of the Customer Centre, but it's not.

I'm currently waiting for the 6.6GB SLED-11-SP1-DVD-i586-GM-DVD2.iso to
finish downloading (fortunately I'm getting ~4.5MB/s ), which seems
rather inefficient given I only want to look at one .src.rpm
(sane-backends - I find myself needing a newer version of sane than is
in SLED 11 SP1). I also recently deleted the copy of
SLED-11-SP1-DVD-i586-GM-DVD2.iso to free up space on my harddisk!

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