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> On 07/01/2016 06:14 AM, holden87 wrote:
>> Just one last question, I found the answer on docs for the rest.

> Questions are good; ask away.
>> When SP2 for SUSE 12 is released are you, as a paid subscriber for one
>> year, eligible for the upgrade?

> Yes, you pay for SLES per system, and you get whatever SP is available
> along with any other patches. If you have paid for extensions (like the
> High Availability extension) then those also follow as long as you subscribe.
>> How is the upgrade performed and how reliable is it (It appears through
>> the system updater, I presume?). Is it probably better to do a fresh
>> install when time comes?

> There are various ways depending on your infrastructure. The
> documentation should cover this for a standard SLES install, but you could
> also do it via SUSE Manager (if you have it and your system is using it as
> a traditional client). Normally you will not get an SP to show up in a
> list of standard patches because it is a big change, and normal day-to-day
> updates/patching should not do anything big and higher-risk, but you can
> still do it if you choose a distribution upgrade instead of a simple patch.
> Documentation on SLES 12 in general:
> https://www.suse.com/documentation/s...migration.html

Note this is a SLED Forum and OP did ask about SLED (see subject) so
is more appropriate.

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