currently i've implementet a stageing concept at my Office. There are 3 Stages for each Channel (TST, QAS, PRD) and we are using the " spacewalk-manage-channel-lifecycle " Script to clone the Patches from one Stage to the next on a regular basis.
The Problem is that we Need some Kind of "Fast-Lane" for Emergency/SecurityFixes and this script clones the whole channel.

So i was trying to implement some Script that utilises the SuMA API to clone/merge specific Patches from one Stage to the next.


I tried to use the channel.software.mergeErrata but it just merges/clones the Information about a patch without the packages needed for the Update.

When I run a channel.software.listErrataNeedingSync it lists the just cloned/merged patches, but when i run a channel.software.syncErrata nothing happens.

Could someone please Point out what i am doing wrong? Is there a better method of achiving what i Need?

Thanks a Lot