How to --> Multiple network cards and bridges in Xen with XEN 4.1 in SLES 11 SP2 ?????

Harware: Hp Proliant DL 380 G7
KERNEL: Linux ********* 3.0.13-0.27-xen #1 SMP Wed Feb 15 13:33:49 UTC 2012 (d73692b) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Xen 4.1.2_14-0.5.5

With previous distributions is created as follows:

Create custom network-script which works as a wrapper and calls network-bridge from it.
dir=$(dirname "$0")
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=1 netdev=eth1 bridge=xenbr1
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=2 netdev=eth2 bridge=xenbr2
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=3 netdev=eth3 bridge=xenbr3
ifconfig xenbr1 up
ifconfig xenbr2 up
ifconfig xenbr3 up

Add execute-permissions:
# chmod u+x /etc/xen/scripts/my-network-bridge
Edit Xens config:

#(network-script network-bridge)
(network-script my-network-bridge)

But with SLES 11 SP2 does not work, How to??