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Thread: Two virtual Network Interfaces on one physical Link

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    Two virtual Network Interfaces on one physical Link

    Hello everyone,

    i have a System on SLES 11 SP1 with 4 Network-Adapters.
    I renamed them to eth2 (unchanged), eth3 (unchanged), ten1 (changed from eth0) and ten2 (changed from eth1).
    eth2 and eth3 are used for the Internet-Connection.
    The two ports ten1 and ten2 are connected to the Interface bond0 for Link-Aggreagrion.

    If i assign the IP-Address to bond0 and add the Alias 1 with i can ping to both Subnetworks.

    Now i want to create two Interfacese named eth0 and eth1.
    This names are not optional!
    eth0 should get the IP Address:
    eth1 should get the IP Address:
    bond0 doesn't need an IP-Address anymore. It should just forard the Traffic from eth0 and eth1 to the real LAN.
    Now i want to create an internal switching between eth0, eth1 and bond0.

    My first idea was to create two dummy Intefaces and connect them to a transparent bridge.
    But the Interfaces just can ping their own IP.

    Does anyone know how i can handle this?

    If possible, i want to configure everything over Yast. But if this won't work any other solution is also fine.
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