We are making to our server by SLES11 SP3 on SLES12 SP1.

There are some Korn shell scripts.

We have searched for example a script of a file to 1.5 GB and line by line distributed in 3 new files according to attributes.

The script ran about 2.5 hours under SLES11 SP3

It requires approx. 50 hrs on SLES12 with SP1 and lksh/mksh

I uninstalled now lksh and mksh-50-2.13.x86_64.rpm installed and linked.

Now, the script iterates in 6.5 hours.

What can be the difference and how do I get back to a runtime of approximately 2.5 hours as under SLES11 SP3

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you Andy