I have a problem with the device-mapper when shutting down my server. The issue is just as describe in https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7017390

The knowledge base article claims that the issue is caused by a call to
vgchange -a n
which is supposedly fixed in device-mapper-1.02.77-0.15.14.

I have device-mapper-1.02.77-0.15.14 installed and I still see the offending call to vgchange.

The most recent changelog entry for device-mapper-1.02.77-0.15.14 is

* Tue Jan 12 2016 lwang@suse.com
- Do not output error message inside retry loops to avoid noisy error
message being output inside retry loops in case of remove failure
because device busy. (bsc#960344)
add: libdm-iface-not-output-error-message-inside-retry-loop.patch

So where is the actual fix to the issue?