I work for a company that is using SLES11SP4 and recently we are moving towards SLES12 SP1.
Since SLES12SP1 supports docker I want to utilize that to our advantage so I can run Jenkins slaves on docker containers.

Our company allows us to run only SLES based OS on bare-metal, VM's and also docker containers for quite some time to come.

I was doing some reading on Docker on SLES12 and there are mentions of various tools.
One of them is sle2docker.

I am trying to understand how to convert or create a SLES11SP4 into a docker image (the flavour of SLES11SP4 that our company has customized)
I am not able to figure out how this can be done.

If our company's flavour of SLES11SP4 cannot be converted, how do you get the generic SLES11SP4 into a docker container.

Any ideas would help.

Thanks in Advance.