Tried to reinstall not only Calamari + Romana + salt, but Apache + PostgreSQL as well. Plus, removed all documented data folders. Rebooted, installed romana (and so on), rebooted, initialized Calamari (but still not connected the Ceph nodes to management) and got:
New Calamari Installation
This appears to be the first time you have started Calamari and there are no clusters currently configured.
I have detected 5 host(s) requesting registration.
Hosts Requesting to Be Managed By Calamari
Tried to join the nodes - got the initial effect (no cluster in Romana).

Conclusion: the SES 3 documentation lists not all places, which containing Calamari databases. In the case of severe management inconsistance, the best recipe - install OS and software from scratch and do not loose You time with that flotsam.