Hi all,

I am receiving following message directly after successful login before being forwarded to the desktop (so I am still on the login screen before pressing the okay button): "System-wide number of failed logins: 0". I would like to add the time of the last successful login to this message but unfortunately I cannot find its origin anywhere and hence cannot change it. Does anyone have an idea where I could find and adjust this login message?

I am using SLES9 and GNOME 2.4 (not my decission).

It would also be fine to introduce a second message which contains the last successful login. I tried to do this by creating the file ​/etc/xdg/autostart/welcome.desktop and filling it with the text but there was no effect. I can neither use xmessages nor zenity like suggested in another thread because they are not installed (e.g. no /etc/x11 directory) and I cannot add new packages.

I just need a message appearing after successful login to show me the last successful login and all failed logins since. In the console I have realised this already using pam and motd but I have problems doing the same in the graphical interface (GNOME).

Thanks a lot in advance!