we are currently evaluation SUSE Manager 3. During the registration of our first SLES 12 GM salt minion we are running into trouble.
After adding the repository and installing salt-minion, we added the master: directive to /etc/salt/minion and an activation key to /etc/salt/grains. Everything as mentioned in the documentation. Unfortunately the minion doesnt start.

# salt-minion -l all
[DEBUG   ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG   ] Using cached minion ID from /etc/salt/minion_id: tesumaclient4.test.local
[TRACE   ] None of the required configuration sections, 'logstash_udp_handler' and 'logstash_zmq_handler', were found the in the configuration. Not loading the Logstash logging handlers module.
[TRACE   ] The required configuration section, 'fluent_handler', was not found the in the configuration. Not loading the fluent logging handlers module.
[DEBUG   ] Configuration file path: /etc/salt/minion
[TRACE   ] Trying pysss.getgrouplist for 'root'
[TRACE   ] Trying generic group list for 'root'
[TRACE   ] Group list for user 'root': []
[INFO    ] Setting up the Salt Minion "tesumaclient4.test.local"
[INFO    ] The Salt Minion is shut down
[ERROR   ] Minion failed to start
[WARNING ] ** Restarting minion **
[INFO    ] Sleeping random_reauth_delay of 10 seconds
The master is reachable and is working for other clients including salt and classic ones.

# nc -zv tesuma.test.local 4505-4506
Connection to tesuma.test.local 4505 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
Connection to tesuma.test.local 4506 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
The mentioned client is a fresh installed and unpatched SLES 12 GM.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards