We did some system maintenance yesterday and are trying to figure out how something slipped through our checks.

We have a SLES12SP1 server with the Web Scripting module added for php. We had php5 installed. On doing a zypper up 5 got removed and 7 got added.

Below is what repo's the box has:

web002:~ # zypper lr
# | Alias | Name | Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh
1 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-Module-Legacy12-Pool | SLE-Module-Legacy12-Pool | Yes | (r ) Yes | No
2 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-Module-Legacy12-Updates | SLE-Module-Legacy12-Updates | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
3 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-Module-Web-Scripting12-Pool | SLE-Module-Web-Scripting12-Pool | Yes | (r ) Yes | No
4 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-Module-Web-Scripting12-Updates | SLE-Module-Web-Scripting12-Updates | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
5 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-SDK12-SP1-Pool | SLE-SDK12-SP1-Pool | Yes | (r ) Yes | No
6 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLE-SDK12-SP1-Updates | SLE-SDK12-SP1-Updates | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
7 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLES12-SP1-Pool | SLES12-SP1-Pool | Yes | (r ) Yes | No
8 | SMT-http_patchserver:SLES12-SP1-Updates | SLES12-SP1-Updates | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
9 | Various_php-applications_(SLE_12.1) | Various php-applications (SLE_12.1) | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes

I would then expect to see that we need php7 by doing a lp or lu. Neither show we need it, so it never appeared on our custom web page (built from the lu/lp commands) which system owners review to see what will change on servers. We did do a manual zypper refresh.

web002:~ # zypper lp
Refreshing service 'SMT-http_patchserver'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No updates found.

web002:~ # zypper lu
Refreshing service 'SMT-http_patchserver'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No updates found.

Then doing an update it will do the removal of php5 and add7 ....

web002:~ # zypper up
Refreshing service 'SMT-http_patchserver'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

The following 20 NEW packages are going to be installed:
apache2-mod_php7 php7 php7-ctype php7-curl php7-dom php7-gd php7-iconv php7-json php7-ldap php7-mbstring php7-mcrypt php7-mysql php7-openssl php7-pdo php7-sqlite php7-tokenizer php7-xmlreader php7-xmlwriter php7-zip

The following 20 packages are going to be REMOVED:
apache2-mod_php5 php5 php5-ctype php5-curl php5-dom php5-gd php5-iconv php5-json php5-ldap php5-mbstring php5-mcrypt php5-mysql php5-openssl php5-pdo php5-sqlite php5-tokenizer php5-xmlreader php5-xmlwriter php5-zip

20 new packages to install, 20 to remove.
Overall download size: 4.4 MiB. Already cached: 0 B. After the operation, 10.2 MiB will be freed.
Continue? [y/n/? shows all options] (y): n

Does anyone have any hints as to how to get zypper to show me that these patches were needed? I've tried various things but couldn't find something that shows us what we want.