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> I've moved your question to the SLES Install forum.
> blackdesign30;34201 Wrote:
>> Good colleagues , I'm Alexis and tell them about Dominican Republic.
>> I need help installing cobol in suse 12 currently use it on suse 10
>> without problems but hey had many problems with this version of suse
>> Server Enterprise 12 , install the libs and cobol but I can not run
>> programs with " runcbl " I have supposedly installed but I can not run
>> my programs.

What do you mean by "suse 12" and "suse 10" - SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server 12 and 10 or openSUSE 12.x or SUSE Linux (the non-enterprise
release) 10? Please post the output from "cat /etc/*release".

Which version of COBOL have you installed and how?

>> This is what tells me the console : can not execute binary file .

Could this simply be that the location where the "runcbl" command exists
is not in your path?

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