On 09/19/2016 09:14 AM, ron7000 wrote:
> I have a few servers on a LAN where I share out the /scratch folder on
> each via NFS-server,
> and on each server using NFS-client I mount the other's scratch
> folders.
> Problem arises when any one of the servers goes down, for example a
> reboot.
> When an NFS-server is down, if cannot log in to any other system which
> is an NFS-client to that server.
> Specifically:
> - an SSH connection to the NFS-client system can be established
> successfully,
> - you can enter your username and password,
> - but after entering your password you never get a prompt and the SSH
> connection is frozen.
> - After however long if the NFS-server system finally becomes available,
> you will get the prompt and be able to use that SSH connection.
> How can I make it so that this does not happen?
> there is this at stackexchange with further describes the problem in
> general, however there does not seem to be a solution:
> http://unix.stackexchange.com/questi...-client-system

The biggest difference I see between your post and the one at
StackExchange is that you are having a problem merely on a login, where
the StackExchange thread has a problem when somebody tries to access the
mountpoint explicitly.

Are you trying, via login somehow (.bashrc, .profile, user's home
directory assignment), to access that mountpoint? If so, why?

Do not try to access mountpoints that are not there; that's just silly.

Does this happen if you just launch a new bash shell via an
already-logged-in user?

Good luck.

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