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Thread: NFS client freezes when NFS server system loses connection

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    Hi ron7000,
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    everything i've read about the soft option says to never use it, and can easily lead to data corruption.
    well, I haven't seen that happen so far, but of course, the theoretical risk is there. So YMMV.

    The hanging sessions, including logins, point at hanging NFS mounts somewhere in the search path - either the shell search path ($PATH) or some access path used by one of the generally started programs. I even had Eclipse traverse a multitude of directories that should have been none of its business... and noticed, because those access hung on a bad NFS mount point.

    So from my point of view, you only have to options with NFS:

    Either you have the client wait for any NFS access ad infinitum, which will help to avoid corruption but may cause severe "hangs" from the users' POV.

    Or you will allow the I/O operations to fail when the server is down.

    If you've found a third option, please let me know - we run many systems relying on NFS mounts all over the place, with some of the servers intentionally unavailable over extended periods of time. So we'd suffer from hangs without the "soft" option, if those resources weren't properly unmounted before killing the server. Which can easily happen when the NFS server is a mobile system.

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