I'm new to Linux and Suse. It runs fine on an old laptop and I'm using the Libre Office programme fine.
But keep getting an on screen message that Kde Daemon is trying to open the KDE Wallet ? and I have to put in a password.
I don't seem to remember putting a password in at any time? How do I change the password or address this problem.
It keeps coming up when I'm typing documents in Writer.

Also, system works fine on line with a Cat 5 cable connection via my virgin cable broadband, but I cant get the wireless adaptor
that is in the laptop to work in the Suse configuration. I bought an EDUP 802.11 AC wireless adaptor that is reckoned to run with Linux, but I cant
get the system to recognise it. It is a USB fit.

Any help? I am a rank first timer with Linux so I need a bit of hand holding!