So there's been discussions going on here for quite a while now about
whether we should move our file & email services to the 'cloud'. If we
were to go this way, it would be with micro$oft <SHUDDER> office 365 e3
(I believe) scenario.

My boss seems to think it will solve any storage issues we have
permanently, which several of us have told him that's probably not the
case, at least down the road.

It's been brought up here that having user data in the cloud would
benefit people here that are more mobile, and I agree it probably
would. The kicker is, out of over 750 employees, we have very few that
would realistically need there data this way, and IMO moving everyone
to the cloud for these few is a HUGE amount of work and expense, *plus*
having almost everyone here encountering a large learning curve on how
things would be done.

Wondering if any of you are doing this, or no people who are, and could
give me some real world insights, pros, cons, etc.