I have two HP servers running SLES 11 Sp4 and some virtual machines (kvm). The vm's are currently running on normal pc's. I'd like to move them to the server. The two servers have an attached SAN (via FC), also from HP.
My idea is to store the vm images and their configuration files on the SAN. As a "load balancing for poor people" i'd like to have the vm's distributed over the two servers, manually.
I'd like to have live migration. I think i need a cluster fs for that, right ? Which one should i choose ? OCFS2, GFS2 or Ceph ? Do they need a cluster ressource manager (like pacemaker) additionally ?

Furthermore i'd like to have the possibility to snapshot the vm's. How good is the snapshotting of virsh ?
Which of the file systems has the possibility to snapshot ?

Due to several reasons i don't like to create a HA solution.