I passed 050-733 exam last week & now 'Certified Linux Administrator 12' :-)

Few things about 050-733 exam as follows:-

- In my region i.e. India exam fee is 50US$
- Being from non native English speaking country, I get additional 30 minutes time extension i.e. 150 minutes in total
- No Novell logo's before starting exam & on score report. It's all SUSE logo's :-)
- You can not go back to previous question to modify answer. [Same policy like Cisco]
- Exam experience was good at VUE center.

My feedback on SUSE certifications as follows:-

- I request SUSE certification department to release other CLA exams & make them available in VUE catalog at vue.com/microfocus :-)
- Suggestion from my end to SUSE certification & training team is = pls expand your presence in India.
Q. Why?
A. Many companies in India running SAP on in-house SLE's. Making available SUSE training will enable candidates to get certified to be able to solve/troubleshoot SUSE + SAP issues more efficiently.
- Pls add free availability of certification resources in PDF format. Some basic PDF guides will be useful for candidate to enroll for training in later stage.
- Will be good to know structure of 'Certified Linux Engineer' exam which is of simulation mode. Will be good if SUSE can add 'Linux Certified Engineer' exams at VUE catalog