Sorry title cut me off: Upgrading to SP1 - beware PHP will upgrade to 7 without notice - via SUSE Manager 3.0

If you're not ready or your application doesn't yet support PHP7 becareful when upgrading to SLES12 SP1. The upgrade will do so without telling you.

Also found the patching will do the same as well, though I found away around that. Use the Online update tool in YAST and you can tell PHP to just upgrade rather than replace 5 with 7. Looking for a way to do this through the SP migration process in SUSE Manager.

This is a major problem in my opinion as many applications are not ready for PHP7 and PHP7 is not mature enough to have la the backward compatibilities worked out yet. Many PECLs will NOT work with PHP7 - so if you need them don't go to PHP7 until you check to see if they were upgraded to work with PHP7.

SUSE needs to stop the automatic upgrade to PHP7. They need to release PHP5.6 to replace PHP5.5 until there is more support for PHP7.