Hello community!

I posted my question on LinuxQuestions.org (http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...-a-4175591495/), but I was told there they don't know too much about open SUSE specifically, so I'm asking the experts here.

My problem is that I cannot access tomcat6 from other computers on the same subnet as my tomcat6 server (which is an OES2015, with all the latest updates, fresh install by the way). At least not as long as the firewall is enabled.

I think I can say I'm 100% sure the firewall is the problem, and here's why: tomcat seems to be correctly configured to listen on port 8080. I can access it perfectly fine from the localhost at all times. AND: I can also perfectly access it from any computer on the same subnet as long as the firewall is turned off on my OES2015. As soon as I turn the firewall on, computers on the same subnet trying to access the tomcat start page on my OES2015 get a "connection timed out" message.
Now, this wouldn't be surprising, but I have set exceptions in the firewall of my OES2015 using Yast. Just to make sure, I added the exception for internal zone, external zone and demilitarized zone (even though that's probably not necessary).

The following screenshot show's how I did it (example for external zone, looks exactly the same for internal zone and demilitarized zone):


And, of course, I restarted the firewall after making those changes, and, just to be sure, I even restarted the whole OES2015 server.

Still, no luck, I cannot access tomcat6 from any of the other computers in the same subnet (repeat: as long as the firewall is turned on, that is, as soon as I turn it off, the tomcat6 startpage is perfectly reachable from all computers on the same subnet).

Is this a known bug in Yast or something, that firewall exceptions are not applied to iptables?

Probably not, probably I'm just too stupid to configure it correctly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!