Hello community,

I posted my problem on http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...-a-4175591495/ but there, I was told this is a Novell/Suse specific problem, so I'm hoping to find some experts here.

I did a clean install of OES2015 (which basically just is an SLES with a few Novell/Micro Focus addons), and I want to use tomcat6.

Tomcat6 is working fine, apart from one error message I find in the catalina.out.

The error reads:

java.io.IOException: Failed to access resource /WEB-INF/lib/[taglibs-core].jar

Does anyone know what that means and how I can get rid of it? Probably an easy one for an SLES expert, but for me (coming from the Windows world), it's hard to understand this error / find a solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!