I have a one understanding question!

We upgrade our SLES11SP3 XEN-Host and 3 VM-s running on 3 phy. Disk.
After init 6 Host System SLES11SP4 first try to save all 3 VM-s in
Of course VM-s a bigger then place in /var/lib/xen/save
and so, after reboot no VM come up.
XEN-Host Server is complaining no space left
/var is 100% full!

This was not so with SLES11SP3!
If I shutdown ore restart Hosts-System all VM-s automatically shutdown ore reboot!
Script in /etc/init.d/xendomains is completely different than before!
Whay this is changed now? What is the reason? And Idee behind?

I didn't find any Info about that!

My workaround was: edit
and put
in sted of

Is this a rigt way?

Thanks a lot

regards from Switzerland