rhce123 wrote:

> That is my question what driver or software need to resolve this
> issue, i dont have any idea about that. My hard-disk is not detecting
> under G7, so what should i do, how can i install driver without
> installing O/S

malcolmlewis provided a link to the HP website where there is lots of
information about your server. Did you try to determine what hardware
is installed in your server and what drivers may be needed?

I provided a link to the SLES documentation that explains how to
install SLES. Did you read any of the SLES documentation?

If you have maintenance on SLES or if it is a new license, you can open
a Support Request for help on installing your software. You may be able
to contact HP and have them tell you what drivers you need. They may
also be able to provide help to install them.

These forums can help resolve an issue by answering specific questions
or by referring you to other sources of information. It is not possible
to provide step-by-step instructions especially when it involves
hardware with which we have no experience. In those cases, it is best
to speak directly with the vendor.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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