Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.


On 3/30/2012 5:30 PM, cjcox wrote:
> KVM works really well. And the KVM ins SLED11 SP2 is fairly
> contemporary. You'll find it much faster in general when compared to
> VMware and/or VirtualBox.
> With that said, it is under very active development. That's probably not
> a big issue, just pointing that out. I've had no problems running SLES11
> SP1 based KVM nor have I had problems with RHEL 6.2 based KVM... and
> that one is considerably newer (has some extra features... most of which
> will be in SLE11 SP2).
> Realize that no matter what you choose, if you're running Window
> desktops under a hypervisor you may be subject to Microsoft's VDA
> license (annual tax). You might want to explore that just to make sure.