With cloning of a LPAR you would have two problems. The IPL volume address and IP configuration would be the same. You could IPL the volume as a guest but the original system would need to be down. Once the clone system is running you can change the address and restart the network. Then ssh in on the new address. I would make backups of the IP configuration files. If you make a mistake then you can use the 3270 console to copy the files and restart the network. Next you need to change the IPL address. Here are some notes I saved a while back.
Process to change your IPL address on SLES12 and LPAR cloning process.
Step  1: Backup your system.
Step  2: Execute blkid to find the UUID number.
Step  3: Edit /etc/fstab to use UUID on the LVM volumes and change address if you have a          
             partitioned /boot/zipl mount.
              Note: The blkid is not needed for any fixed partition.  Just change address.
Step  4: Edit /boot/zipl/active_devices.txt to use the new IPL address.
Step  5: Execute grub2-install
Step  6: Execute mkinitrd
Step  7: Halt system
Step  8: VM Guest - redefine address.
              LPAR - Make appropriate IP address changes.
                        - DDR to volume at the specified changed address.
Step  9: IPL system at new address.
Step 10: LPAR - Restore original system.