After upgrading SUSE Manager 3.0 with the patch 'SUSE-SUSE-Manager-Server-3.0-2016-1539' a call to 'salt <minion(s)> pillar.items' lacks the custom pillar data defined below '/srv/pillar' addressed by '/srv/pillar/top.sls'. With the patch the path '/usr/share/susemanager/pillar' becomes available and now contains the top file 'top.sls', which hides any pillar data from the environment 'base' previously addressed by the top file '/srv/pillar/top.sls'. From users point the file '/usr/share/susemanager/pillar/top.sls' shall be considered 'non-editable'.

What would be the recommended way to get back my custom pillar data without defining a new environment or setting another default top file name?