i have two SLES 12 systems on which i tried to update the kernel because of dirty cow.
When doing e.g. a "zypper lu" or "zypper up", i'm asked to enter a login and password to access the repositories !?!
I never saw that before. The username starts with "SCC_****" so i think it's related to the suse customer center.
When installing the systems i registered them with a valid subscription code from our company. I didn't configure automatic updates or s.th. like that
because the systems are just intended for internal use. So this is the first time i came across that.
I find just one system in our SCC. The other not. Can i find the passwords in the scc ?
Is it possible to start the registration from scratch on the system which does not appear in the scc ?
How can i do that ? I was looking around in yast but didn't find a possibility.

Should i delete all repositories and re-enter them ?