I have some blade servers that do not have any display adapters, and therefore I cannot see what's happening when it boots. So generally when I am imaging these machines for RHEL, I can image it on another machine, then just copy the ifcfg-ens1 to ifcfg-p1p1, then edit the p1p1 file to change relevant details, then I run 'nmcli connection reload', then the network works fine on the new machine.

However, with SLES they just use eth0 or eth1 as the name. I have set the udev 70-persistent-net.rules to use the new MAC address and I have made sure to disable the firewall via 'systemctl disable firewalld' and 'system stop firewalld', yes I still can't connect to the machine when it's in the different server. Is there some special trick to doing this on SLES?