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Thread: First boot - "HDMI / DVI out of range"

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  1. First boot - "HDMI / DVI out of range"


    Downloaded the image and burned it to SD-card, started first boot with monitor (LG W2442PA-SF) and keyboard attached. See Grub screen, efi stub, subsequently some Dmesg stuff, ending with "switching root", then screen turns black and after a few seconds the screen throws an error:

    HDMI out of range 35,7 kHz / 32 Hz

    DVI out of range 35.2 kHz / 32 Hz
    depending on which cabel (HDMI-HDMI or HDMI-DVI) I use.

    Had this error in the past with other monitors and upstream opensuse ARM, could never resolve it, but with opensuse I could log in via ssh, set up VNC server and use the Raspi headless, as usual. As SLES wants to go through the usual setup (time zone, passwords), I can't access ssh here.

    So actually the install is dead after first boot.

    Any way around that?

    Kind regards

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