hello guys,
the nvidia nouveau built-in driver for sled11sp2 is not working properly with my computer. the 1024x768 resolution doesn't show correctly in my screen. i had opensuse 11.2 last week and it worked like a charm with the proprietary nvidia driver.

after the new installation to sled11sp2, i can't find a way to install the proprietary nvidia driver. when installing, it says that the driver can't find the kernel-source-path (for kernel.h or something like that). and that's kind of weird as i have already installed gcc, make, kernel-devel-pae, kernel-source, etc.

i tried re-reading from http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Nvidia_the_hard_way and i still can't get it to work/install.

any help from you guys to solve this issue is highly appreciated.
warm regards,