hello people,
a few months ago, i noticed that my weather widget was not working anymore (that's the one that used to be located on the left side of the clock in the gnome 2.28 interface).
in the beginning i thought it was a connection issue that might resolve itself.
well, it didn't and then i started searching for answers.

in the webpage linked above, the author posted a "dirty" solution by modifying manually a new weather forecast URL in the ".c" file in the libgweather application. however, this applies to ubuntu.
how do i achieve this in my sled11sp4?

see below the image i took for the weather application found in my system:

in the sled11sp4 SDK dvd-iso i have, i see the libgweather-devel-2.28 file.
please guide me on what do to next in order to update this manually since i don't have support/patches anymore for my sled11sp4 (although i still own a valid 3-year subscription to receive updates for my distribution, its life (EOL) ended way before i anticipated).

thank you very much for your advice/guidance.