On 05/12/16 08:54, emily xiangliu wrote:

> I have image SLES11SP3_x86_64.iso (39.778KB) that I think I can
> install suse SP3 OS on my suse VM. But after boot up from this image
> Kernel 3.0.76-0.11-default,
> it prompt for "choose the source medium"----"DVD/CD-ROM, Network, Hard
> Disk". I double checked this iso image are still mounting to this VM, I
> am not too sure
> what it is looking for. Then I tried these 3 options, all failed to find
> the repository. Can someone advice me what's the problem here. Thanks.

The size of your ISO suggests it is not the DVD1 ISO as available for
download from SUSE[1] so I'm guessing it's a custom ISO with enough to
boot a server then use a network installation to complete. That would
explain why it then asks for a "source medium" as it's looking for the
bulk of the installation files. Is this the case?

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