Arnaudk93;2136141 Wrote:
> In order to ensure you have the latest patches, go to YaST->Online
> Update, and follow the process.
> Also, if you have an ATI card, please read carefully this thread :
> There is a known issue with ATI driver when you update your system.
> Just download the appropriate driver (don't install anything) and if
> there is an issue while rebooting, just follow steps 2 to 4. Hopefully
> you won't encounter such issue (it is may already fixed, I will contact
> the dedicated SuSE team on Monday)

I guess I have the latest patches, Online Update shows nothing new.
There hasn't been a problem with ATI drivers yet, and I have already
done the Online Update so it's probably been solved. Still, I have no
idea what to do about sound. Maybe I need some codecs? How to check
which ones I've got?

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