I am UNIX admin and recently started supporting SuSE Linux.
These servers run SAP and one of the folks reported that "SAP solutions manager" is throwing "high page alerts".

To answer this, I was reviewing the paging statistics captured by SAR and have some fundamental questions.

1. Are the "pgpgin/s" and "pgpgout/s" reported by "sar -B" command the count of memory pages paged-in and paged-out respectively? if so.. I guess we need to multiply that value with 4096 (Linux memory 4K page size) to determine the actual amount of bytes/data paged-in or paged-out right?

# uname -r

# getconf PAGESIZE

2. The man page for sar says that it is the total number of kilobytes paged-in from disk or paged-out to disk. Is the value displayed already in KB's? (equal to "number of pages" * 4096 / 1024)?

Please suggest/comment.