Just to be clear, this particular sub-forum is for a System-Z install of
SLES; since most installs of most software are on x86_64 rather than
mainframes, I'm pointing this out in case you are in the wrong forum.

In which previous version (if applicable) did this work? Have you tried
SLES 12 SP2 (not just SP1) now that it is out? Have you applied post-SP
updates to ensure the latest code is present?

Generally I would work with the application vendor if an application (or
its installer) crashes; crashes should never happen, and they are usually
the fault of the application rather than the OS (the OS runs thousands of
programs, so probability points at the exception at being the cause of the

If you would like a coredump read, and if you are already on the latest
code (see questions above), you should open a Service Request (SR) with
SUSE to review the coredump.

Good luck.

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